Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Face of the Day: Rediscovering Old Favourites

I've been finding with the warmer weather that I've mostly been keeping my make-up quite simple, and my hair out of my face. 
I've been making an effort lately to go through my make-up collection and re-discover old favourites, and found myself falling in love again with the Stila 'In the Light' palette. 

Eye Base: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'Inked in Pink'
Eye Shadows: Stila Kitten, Champagne, Bliss (Review, Buy here)
Eyeliner: Outline with Maybelline Line Express, cat eye with Maybelline Gel Liner
Mascara: Colour Theory Mascara Plump*
Eyebrows: Australis Oh Hai Brow (Review, Buy here)
Lips: Maybelline ColourSensational The Elixir in Signature Scarlet.

How do you do your makeup as the weather heats up? 

(N.B: Products marked with an asterisk (*) were kindly given to me. All opinions are my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer. Links are not affiliate links)

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Lately, in Pictures #59

It's been a bit ridiculously busy around here the past month.
I finished off my final exams ever, and am set to graduate in less than 4 weeks! (Exam results permitting of course).

After five long years, it's a very surreal feeling to suddenly have a heap of free time. Even though I'm working like crazy, and have hardly any time off, I don't need to study when I get home and have all evening to do whatever I like!

I never got around to sharing photos from my law ball last month! Like all law events, there was far too much alcohol available, and far too much bad dancing. I was having a great night ... right up until it was time to leave and we had to wait around in the cold for an hour for a taxi. Too much drama.

Forever the whitest person in group photos. 

I love this time of year and the flowers and trees that come out in full bloom! Jacarandas are my favourite. We also have our own flower garden this year, and it makes me so happy catching glimpses of it from our windows. I'll definitely have to share photos in my next post! 

I upgraded my phone and got the brand new Sony Xperia Z3. I absolutely love it - it's got a fantastic camera on board, it's super fast and the screen is super bright. I lasted three days before it fell out of my camera bag and smashed to bits on the ground.  I had ordered a case from ebay but it hadn't arrived. So $340 later and lots of tiny shards of glass in my fingers... I'm still waiting for it to come back from the repair-shop, but taking it as a very expensive life lesson to always have the case on before taking the phone out.

In fitness news, I've been taking an advanced stretch class lately. It's super intense but I've seen such an improvement in the last 6 weeks. Flexibility is my biggest nemesis, so it's nice to feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with it. My hollowback handstands are far from looking as great as they could, but months ago I couldn't get the shape at all. Although it's daunting to know how far you still have to go, it's always so important to remember just how far you've come.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nails of the Week: Green-Blue and Gold Glitter

It has been far too long since my last nails post.
I love these colours together, they're so bright and festive and just scream "holidays" at me.
The green is OPI's 'Fly', and the gold glitter nail is an exclusive shade from Colour Theory, called 'Happy Birthday'. Only 100 of these were made, and I was super lucky to receive one at the launch to their new skincare range (side note: launched this week. Check out their website here for details).

Michelle from Lab Muffin warned me that 'Fly' is notorious for staining, but I've never experienced staining with this shade. I always wear a base coat, so not sure if that's something to do with it.

(NB: I was given the 'Happy Birthday' nail polish from the lovely team at Colour Theory. They've not asked me to write about this polish, or to mention their skincare line. Further details at my disclaimer here)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NEW! Hourglass Ambient Blush Wardrobe Palette {& Swatches}

I just could not resist picking up the Hourglass Ambient Blush Wardrobe palette. I already own the Ambient Lighting Palette, and have used it every single day since I got it. So, when I saw this in my local Mecca, there was no question about whether it would join my collection. 

The three colours are (L-R): Luminous Flush, a champagne rose colour; Incandescent Electra, a cool peach blush; and Mood Exposure, a soft plum colour.

With flash. 

In natural light. 

I think Mood Exposure (right) will look beautiful in Winter, whilst Incandescent Electra (middle) has been getting a lot of wear from me over the last couple of days. On my skin, it's the perfect peachy neutral shade, and adds just a bit of life to my face. Luminous Flush (left) is a bit more pink, and I think is probably my favourite shade of the three. 
There's the same photo-luminescent technology in this palette as there is in the ambient lighting palette, so the blush refracts light and helps to create dimension to your make-up. You can see in the swatches 'with flash' that when exposed to light the colours just look brighter, without having to resort to glitter or shimmer. 

Incandescent Electra (middle shade) is exclusive to this limited edition palette, and with the individual shades retailing at $46 each, this palette is well worth the pennies saved. 

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