Monday, February 8, 2016

As always, let's start with a review of last month's goals: 

- Finish three books
Yes! I crossed this one off early in the month, and kick-started my reading for February. I think if I keep this up I will be able to do more regular book reviews. 
- Clean out the linen under the bed.
I spent a whole day clearing out all the linen in our house, throwing away anything was well-worn and had holes, washing everything else, folding it and putting it back into under-bed storage boxes that are clearly labelled. This should make life so much easier when people come and stay - I'll know exactly where to find everything! 
- Clear off my bedside table
I didn't quite get around to this, so I'm moving it to next month. 
- Stretch 5 days a week
I have started off the year strong with stretching, and hope to continue this. 
- Pay off my credit card bill by the end of the month. 
Not quite, but I have paid off quite a bit and have a strict budget for paying it off ASAP. 
- Go trapeze-ing! 
I am hoping to get around to this in March, as February is looking really busy. 
- Clear the hallway
Yes! There were space bags filled with random crap and boxes littering our hallway from when we first moved in (6 months ago). I had a quick clear out of it, and now our hallway is unimpeded. 

- Finish 3 books
- Perform at my pole studio's Open Night showcase
- Clear off our bedside table
- Edit our NZ photos
- Stretch 5x a week
- Get back into a regular blogging upload schedule
- Print photos for my work photo frame
- Sort already printed photos into photo box. 

Has the start of the year kick-started your goal-setting?

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Review: Innoxa Cover and Correct Cream Concealer Face Palette*

I was so thrilled to receive this in the goodie bag at the Bloggers United AU event I attended last year, as colour correcting helps give your base that flawless finish. 

The cream concealers are housed in a silver, plastic palette with a big mirror on the inside lid. The palette overall is a really nice size, it's not unnecessarily big, and being made out of plastic ensures it's lightweight. The palette closes shut with a snap closure. I love that the back of the palette contains information about what each colour corrects. 

These concealers are definitely creamy, and a little goes a long way - if you use too much product it will be a bit tricky to blend it in. I personally find the best way to use this product is with my fingertips, as the warmth from my skin helps almost "melt" the product into my skin. 

I always apply after primer and before foundation - that way I am really covering up the colour left behind by the concealer. 

This palette contains four colour correcters (yellow, green, lavender and apricot) and two concealers (light and dark). I personally don't get much use out of the concealers as they don't really match my skin tone, but the green and apricot colour correcters get a lot of use. 

(L - R: Yellow; used for neutralising purple under the eyes
Green; used to reduce redness and cover blemishes
Lavender; used to reduce yellow undertones) 

(L-R: Apricot: used to brighten complexion and the eye area
Light Concealer, Dark Concealer) 

Colour correcting is a bit daunting at first. Let's use colour correcting redness as an example: so you apply the green concealer wherever there's redness (for me, on my cheeks), but then you're left with a green tinge on your face; which is a bit scary and less than ideal. However, once you apply foundation over the top, your skin will be left looking flawless. 

Have you used colour correcters before? 

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Monday, February 1, 2016

What I Got for Christmas: 2015

So now that it's been well over a month since Christmas was here (I'm still recovering from all that amazing food), I thought it was probably about time I got around to my annual "What I Got for Christmas" post. 

My big present this year was a brand new HP laptop - my old laptop was reaching the end of its life; the graphic card was dying, which meant random blue-screens and constant crashing. It made it really difficult to do anything because I'd get so frustrated and ragequit. I'm so thrilled with this new laptop - larger screen, super lightweight and best of all - no crashing! A few people put in for this gift, and I'm so grateful for it. 

My bestie also got me this beautiful candle from Dusk; Alpine Escape. This scent is really spicy - ginger, cinnamon, patchouli, cloves with a really woody feel. Even though it's been a seemingly never-ending stream of 30 degree days, and this candle is probably better suited to Winter, I've still been burning it non-stop. 

J's parents got me an adorable cow tea-set! Made up of a sugar bowl, little milk jug and a teapot, it's ridiculously cute. 

From J's brother and his wife, I received a year-long Frankie subscription. I've been reading Frankie for years, so it will be really good to receive one every second month! I love receiving subscriptions as gifts, they literally are the gift that keeps giving (as corny as that sounds). 

My brother got me Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and Fallout 4, both of which have been getting plenty of play-time. 

J's sister and her fiance got me a new gym towel, which has been great with all the hot weather we're having and how sweaty working out makes me generally. 
J's parents also got me a bubble bar and bath bomb from Lush - I've spoken before about how much I love these, and I can't wait until the weather cools down a little more so I can start taking steaming hot baths again.  

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Weekend in Melbourne

Would you believe me if I said before this year, I'd never traveled to Melbourne before? We spent just three days in Vic's capital, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. 

J's brother got married in the incredibly picturesque Montsalvat; an artist colony set amongst rich gardens and old European-style buildings. The food was a proper feast, and the tone of the evening was set with a jazz band. We're so thrilled for the couple, and so happy we were able to celebrate with them. 

The next morning we had brunch at Vue de Monde - amazing food and being in the second tallest building in Melbourne, we were witness to an awesome view. 

We spent Sunday exploring the city and partaking in a river cruise on the Yarra. 

I truly fell in love with Melbourne in my short time there, and cannot wait to re-visit the city to do some more exploring. 

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