Monday, January 26, 2015

Great Australian Brands

Happy Australia Day!

Aussie Day has become a bit controversial in recent years - Apart from enjoying the mandated day off, and listening to Triple J's hottest 100, I don't actually celebrate the day. Supporting local brands and products is pretty important to me, so  I thought it would be a good opportunity to call out and mention those great Aussie beauty brands, and give some of my favourites a little love. So many Aussie brands have great stories behind them, starting from humble beginnings. They're also environmentally conscious, and many of them give back to the community! 

Australis - 
Australis have been around for 25 years, with all their products priced at under $20. Affordable, great quality and they are 100% cruelty free yay! Favourite products: Oh hai brow kit, fresh and flawless pressed powder, AC On Tour contouring kit

The Purist Company - 
With skincare brand A'kin, and haircare brand Al'chemy, the Purist Company are a 15 year old Australian company with natural products at the heart of their philosophy. They don't test on animals and are passionate about the environment, so practice a business based on sustainability. 
Face of Australia - 
Australian owned, Australian made and 100% cruelty free! Another brand with great quality products at affordable prices.

Sukin - 
One of my favourite skincare brands, Sukin are environmentally conscious (100% certified carbon neutral) and offer products that feature active botanicals and essential oils. They're also cruelty free, and are luxurious without being overly expensive. 

Lanolips - 
Lanolips began in a farm on Lucindale, South Australia. The lanolips lip balm range features lanolin, a product taken from freshly-shorn sheep's wool. Lanolips lip ointments are intensly moisturising, and give your lips a great shine. My favourite is the Peach flavour. 

Banana Boat - 
Banana Boat are one of Australia's most trusted brands in suncare. They have a huge range of sunscreens that work well, but probably my favourite thing about the brand is that they are committed to educating sun safety, through their 'Sun Safe Schools Program'.

Jurlique - 
Jurlique was founded in 1985, by a German couple ('the Kleins') who migrated to Australia. Their specialties were biochemistry and botany. They created a natural skincare line, that started out with Jurgen and Ulrike growing and manufacturing their own products on a farm in South Australia. All of their farming practices are strictly organic and biodynamic. 

Bloom - 
Bloom began in Melbourne in 1993. This multi-award-winning brand has an impressive range with over 350 products. The company uses high-quality botanical ingredients, and is a proud supporter of the Children's Hospital Foundation Australia.

Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment - 
Dr Lucas originally practiced medicine in London, but migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1876. He came seeking out a warm maybe it's no surprise that he soon moved to Queensland. Dr Lucas studied botanical research, and came across the pawpaw tree; he described the pawpaw as 'the world's greatest healing agent'. Today, the business is still family owned, and everyone can share the healing effects of the pawpaw ointment; used by almost every Australian as a lip balm, it can also be used to treat small cuts, minor grazes and nappy rash! 

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What are your favourite Aussie brands and products?

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OOTD: Le Breton

We spent two full days in Canberra - four days if you include the days we travelled there and back. I'm a notorious over-packer, so I really tried to consolidate my sartorial options for the trip. A pair of shorts, some jeans, a singlet and a long sleeve shirt. Add to that the t-shirt and leggings I travelled in, and that's a pretty fair mix of clothing for warm and cooler weather. So when I learned that we would be going out to lunch, (to a vineyard, no less!) I panicked - I did not bring appropriate clothing for this kind of a trip. It would have been nice if J had mentioned it to me before we left that we would be going someplace

Long sleeve top is the Navy Le Breton from Popbasic (use this link to get $15 off your order*)
Shorts are from Valleygirl.
Shoes are leather sandals from 'Human Premium'
Bag is kikki.K

I was pretty happy wrangling this outfit together with my limited clothing options. What do you think?

(Disclaimer: Offer does not expire, but can only be used once per person. Although I am not affiliated with Popbasic, I will get $15 store credit if you use that link. But you also get $15, so that's a pretty fair deal for sharing the love! This is a referral program for everyone! So if you sign up, you get your own link to also share with your friends too!)

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Monday, January 19, 2015

My Week in Pictures #62

The week began with a very early morning appointment to the fracture clinic to have my cast removed! My bone was not fully healed, and my wrist was still a bit painful, so I was given a splint to wear. The long journey to recovery begins! 

We had a slight incident of mistrust at our household this past week. J brought in his backyard harvest - beans, sugar snap peas, tomatoes and some mini capsicums. Or so he told me. I was a bit dubious of this "mini capsicum" when J sliced it open and it was filled with little seeds; he tried a little bit and reassured me that it was kind of sweet, and it probably was just a small capsicum. All I can say, is I am thankful for my skeptical personality because I only touched the tip of my tongue to the inside fleshy bit of this "mini capsicum" and it burned like the fires of hell for a good half hour. I can not imagine how much it would have burned if I had eaten the whole thing! J was honestly shocked at my reaction - he tried again and felt the same heat as me. 


J and I spent last week in Canberra, visiting his family. We celebrated two birthdays whilst there, so many desserts were had. 


We went to Shaw Vineyard Estate for lunch - they had their own sheep and llamas. Watching the llamas jump up onto their hind legs to pull leaves off the tree was cause for endless entertainment. 

We started out with wine tasting, before sitting down to lunch. The food was really good - for entrees we shared an oven-baked camembert, and a dukkah mix. For mains I had the salmon. I don't eat seafood that often because I'm really fussy with it - but this was really delicious. I don't really feel like I'm that cut-out to eat fancy food though. Whilst the salmon and the polenta (and okay everything else) were amazing, I just can't help but be annoyed at the lack of "Extras" on the and a half heirloom tomatoes, two sprigs of asparagus...really? 

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Friday, January 9, 2015

New Years Resolutions

I've always loved the idea of New Years Resolutions, but have never really set them before; if I have, they've always been quite vague like "do better at uni this year". Last month, I decided that I would set monthly goals to achieve - things that I could actually work towards and keep focussed on for a month at a time. So my December goals were in action for a week, and then I broke my wrist. Not trying to make excuses, but when you only have one arm (and your non-dominant one for that matter) it's kind of difficult to do a lot of things. I'm getting a lot of movement back in my arm now, and my cast comes off next week so I'm resetting those December Goals for January. I also have some overall yearly goals I would like to achieve. Each month this year, I'll share with you what my goals are and how I've gone with achieving the goals from the month before.

2015 GOALS
- Read 30 books. 
This was my goal for 2014, and I failed pretty miserably, only finishing 10 books. I have no textbooks to read this year, so I should have more time to read fun things. 

- Get my splits
A goal I've had for over three years now, so this is getting ridiculous. I'm signed up to advanced stretch classes, and have now got a stretching routine in place so 2015 is the year I will get flat on the floor.

- Continue learning
I graduated uni last year, and as glad as I am that that's over, I still love learning, and want to continue learning. I think the hard thing with learning as an adult is you have to be really self-motivated, so I'm not going to let laziness get in the way.

- Get a job
Probably the biggest, and most important for me at the moment - I get admitted as a solicitor to the NSW Supreme Court next month, so I need to get that first "career" job.

- Cook one meal each week.
- Clean out my wardrobe
- Stretch 5 days a week
- Sort out our New Zealand itinerary
- Catch up on the journalling missed because of my broken arm
- Sort out all paperwork to be sent off to the Supreme Court for my admission!

Did you set any New Years resolutions this year? 

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