Friday, October 31, 2014

NEW! Australis AC On Tour Contouring & Highlighting Kit AND Oh Hai Brow! (Review and Swatches)

Everyone has been OMG excited with the release of the Australis Contour&Highlighting Kit, with it completely selling out in just two weeks. I was super lucky to score the very last one at my local Priceline...these have been a bit tricky to track down with all stores near me selling out. 
So what is the attraction? The Contour Kit is a dead-ringer for the Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit and at only $16.95. 
While I was in Priceline I also picked up the 'Oh Hai Brow' brow shaping kit, which I think is also new. 

The packaging is sleek, plain and sturdy. The brow shaping kit is shiny, whereas the contour kit is matte, which means fingerprints show up a little easier on it. 

The contour kit has six shades, named 1 through to 6. Shade one (top row, left) has peachy undertones, shade two (top row, middle) has yellow undertones, and shade three (top row, right) has golden undertones with a bit of shimmer. 

Shade four (bottom row, left) is a warm, mid-brown, shade five (bottom row, middle) is a cool toned brown, and shade six (bottom, right) is a reddish-brown. 

Natural light + with flash. 

Natural light. 

I love, the highlight shades that come with this, and think that each colour is really versatile. Shade three is definitely my favourite for reflecting light, but I really do love them all. 
The contour shades are a bit of a different story. Shade five looks ridiculously ashy on me, and is not a colour I would wear day-to-day. I don't think that number six works that well on me either, because it is slightly red-toned. I do like shade four. 

I have been loving the brow kit, and am surprised that it suits me so well (as far as I know there is only one colour in the range, which is a massive bummer). I've never used a brow wax before, and I thought the one contained in this kit would be too dark. I use the shade on the left for filling in over the wax, and it balances it out quite nicely. I also really love the highlighter shade that's been included. 

Did you manage to get your hands on the Contour kit before it sold out? 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sydney Noodle Markets

Last Thursday I met up with Oishee at the Sydney Noodle Markets in Hyde Park. 
This was my first time (although I have walked through in previous years I've never "Attended" per se) so I was pretty keen to try some delicious food. 
Apparently almost every person in Sydney was there, because it was almost claustrophobia-inducing busy. The atmosphere overall wasn't too bad, despite the crowds. I loved all the Asian touches... the lanterns, the giant cat character, the pandas on the light globes, the ping pong! 
The food was amazing. Oishee got a Vietnamese prawn salad, and I went for some dumplings. 

When lining up for the dumplings I had an older Chinese woman approach me, desperate to find out if the dumplings were traditional, or "Sydney style". She was such a sweetheart, and asked to take a photo of me with my food - not with her and me...just me. So random, but flattering. 


Did you make it to the Noodle Markets this year? Have you been in years past? Is it weird that we went to a noodle market and yet neither of us ate noodles?

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Holiday Planning...

It's been a while since J and I went on a holiday.
So we've been talking and making plans, and decided we're heading off to New Zealand in the new year!

When I was younger I really wanted to visit New Zealand to go bungee jumping. Now I'm a bit older, I seem to have lost that fearlessness, because that's no longer at the top of my list. I'm so keen to check out the Hobbit Holes, the hot springs at Rotorua, the history at Waitangi, snorkelling off the North Island and taking in the beauty that is that country.

Every pay slip I've been squirreling away money and hopefully soon will have enough to pay for flights and accommodation. I keep the guide books at my desk, and longingly look over them in between poring over my law textbooks. They're providing a nice distraction amongst the crazy that is end of semester exams.

The planning is very much still in its infancy. I've been jotting down notes in my kikki.K 'Travel Notes' planner, and flagging notes to come back to in my guide books, all with just a vague idea of what we want out of this holiday, and how much we want to spend.
It's not only the thought of heading overseas that excites me, but the planning and anticipation excites me too.

What are your travel tips? Have you been to New Zealand? Any places we must check out? I'm taking as many recommendations as I can!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

New In: Sunscreen

I'm very much an advocate for sun safety and health, and have spoken before about how important it is for me to apply sunscreen daily.
Not only does increased sun exposure cause your skin to age faster, but it also puts you at risk of melanoma, and in Australia particularly, we have the worst rates for skin cancer in the world.

So when I was contacted about a new sunscreen by Banana Boat, I didn't hesitate to try it out.

The Sport Cool Zone - 50+SPF is a spray on sunscreen that is designed to cool and refresh, as well as providing a ridiculous amount of sun protection.

If you're one of those people who don't like wearing sunscreen - why is that?
Banana Boat did global research into this and found that a recurring answer was people didn't like the way that sunscreen left them feeling hotter and stickier after applying it - this was amplified when playing sports outside.
So this sunscreen is designed specifically to reduce that discomfort.

I love this product, for so many different reasons.

  • It's a spray application, which makes it really quick and easy to apply. It sprays on clear, so there's no chance you'll get any colour transfer onto your clothes. 
  • When sprayed, it cools on contact and dries fast, so there really is no mess and sticky-ness after applying it. 
  • It's infused with aloe which is soothing, and it actually does feel refreshing to use it.
  • It's water and sweat resistant, so you don't have to worry about it rubbing off earlier than it should (although you should still apply sunscreen frequently if you're sweating lots or playing in water)
  • It's got broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation International. 
  • I've worn this almost every day for a month and haven't got burnt once (and we've had some crazy hot days recently). I've also given it to J to use when he does gardening outside in the sun, and he also hasn't got burnt when using it, so I guess that means its working! 
  • The cap has a lock, which is good if you're going to carry it in your bag when out at the beach or out playing sports. 
  • It's relatively cheap, with a RRP of $16.99

The only thing I don't like about this product is the scent.
It doesn't really smell like sunscreen, but it has a kind of alcohol-y bug-repellent scent to it. It's not really enough to bother me to not use it though.
You also need to be a little careful when spraying because if it's windy it can end up in your mouth, and it doesn't taste that great.

The active sunscreen ingredients are chemical, rather than physical: Octocrylene (7% w/w), Oxybenzone (3.50% w/w), and Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (2.10% w/w). 
This means it offers more broad sun protection than some physical sunscreens, however you MUST apply 20 minutes before going into the sun to get proper protection. 

Are you crazy about applying sunscreen, like me?

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