Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mini Haul! Priceline Haircare

A little while ago Priceline had a 40% off all haircare sale. As well as picking up some more hair dye, I also grabbed a few products that I’d had my eye on for a while.

My much-loved Tresemme heat protector ran out, so I went with something different and got the Keratin Smooth version. There’s a little bit of aprice difference between this one and the ordinary one, and apart from this one being labelled "keratin smooth" not much of a difference apparently. I honestly think it’s a little heavy for my hair, and I much prefer the original version.

I have plentyyy of hairsprays, but I actually don’t really own a lightweight one for everyday. This Loreal Elnett Satin spray is exactly what I was after – it’s lightweight which makes it great for holding waves, and it actually brushes out really easily (don’t you hate it when they claim to brush out but they really don’t?). I find it works best on day old (or two days old) hair, because the dirt provides a little extra hold, but for the most part I really like this. I also really like the sleek gold can it comes in.

I don’t really have a problem with sulfates, but I liked the claims that this Loreal shampoo made in terms of colour protecting. Unfortunately, red pigment washes out way too easily, so I thought buying a less harsh shampoo would help with some colour retention. Haven’t tested out that theory yet, but I’ll update once I do!  

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Her Fashion Box: August

August's HFB saw another designer collaboration with fashion label Love&Anarchy. 

The main fashion item in this month's box was the L&A pouch (RRP $29.99). This one is smaller than the one we got with Nicola Finetti, but it appears to be made out of the same material. Leopard print is always fun. 

In the classic box we got a four-set of rose gold rings (RRP $15.99), which are a cute idea but are all way too big for me. The magazine goes on and on about midi rings, but these are too big as normal rings, let alone midi rings. Not sure if I got a wrong set or if that's what everyone got. 

This month's box also contained another wrap bracelet. I think these are pretty cute, so I'm okay with receiving them. This one's RRP is $26.99

I was really pleased to see these lashes from Manicare in the box this month. I love falsies, and these are a really pretty pair that I cannot wait to use. (RRP $11.95)

On to the beauty items! I received some Beesline Beeswax jelly (RRP $11.95). I think this is supposed to be like vaseline but all natural. It doesn't have a scent to it, and I'm really keen to use this. It has heaps of vitamins in it which will be great for healing chapped lips. 

There was a 30mL sample of the Nzuri Organics Vegan body butter (RRP $24.95 for 100mL). This smells really good, and apparently isn't available to the public until September - I love getting to trial things early, it makes me feel so spesh! The body butter is high in vitamin E, is thick like you would expect and wonderfully hydrating. Bonus points for the personalised card they added to our boxes too! 

I received another bottle of the Argania hair oil, I'm guessing for filling out the survey. I love hair oil, and I really liked this one in particular so I'm really happy with that freebie! 

And lastly, we received a sample of the Seventh Duchess Organic Beauty Tea. This appears to be a white tea, with sarsparilla, rose petal, and rosehip which is pretty interesting. Considering I'm such a tea fiend I've never actually drunk white tea before, so it will be cool to try something different! (RRP $27 for 50g) 

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Recently, in Pictures #56

It's been a bit busy over here at Where is my mind HQ. Last week I spent Wednesday at the Opera House volunteering for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation Literacy Day. I had a terrifying encounter with some seagulls who harassed me and swooped on me for the entire duration of the walk from Circular Quay station to the Opera House. I now understand why some people hate birds. They can be jerks. 
But it was okay, because I met Andy Griffiths, my childhood idol. I've moved on to bigger and better books since my 'Just Disgusting' days though, and am currently reading Hannah Kent's Burial Rites, in between consumer law and advanced statutory interpretation. 
Also picked up a replacement of my favourite primer, from the Make Up Store. 

I've started having scrambled eggs and avocados for breakfast - it's delicious and keeps me full all morning. 
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Learnt a new trick! This one's called the Russian Layback and is scary as hell. 

Glass of merlot with Saturday night dinner with the dad, in lieu of Father's Day. 
Holding on to Winter with my beanie (although with all the rain it still feels like Winter). 
I printed some more photos with Origrami, and added to my photo wall. I think nothing makes a house feel more homely than a bunch of photos on the wall. 

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Get Your Feet Summer-Ready!

So, even though all the rain and ridiculous wind might have you thinking otherwise, it is technically Spring! YAY! My feet (like most people's) have spent all Winter hiding away in boots and thick woolly socks. Now that the weather is warming up, it's time to get them looking fineeee for Summer - or y'know, as fine as feet can look. Even if your feet come out of Winter looking not-so worse for wear, these products work really well as a foot pamper session too! 

We've all heard of Scholl, and most of us have used their Party Feet when wearing heels. This is THE miracle product you need to get if you want beautiful feet. In a nutshell, the Dry Skin Recovery Cream from Scholl* softens and smooths dry skin. 
Honestly though, I was pretty amazed when I used this for the first time - it removes hardened, dry skin and leaves your skin feeling really soft and smooth. Without any scrubbing, and without taking any time at all. 
It feels like a moisturiser, there's no scent and it is absorbed into your skin really quickly without leaving any residue so you don't have the danger of slipping around after applying it. As amazing as it is, it didn't quite remove callouses on the first go, but they're definitely less "tough" with continued use. 

For a little extra pamper session, this peppermint pumice foot scrub from the Body Shop is pretty good at removing dead skin. It contains volcanic rock, to really exfoliate and the peppermint smells really good and is really cooling. I love this after a long day working retail and being on my feet all day. I find this works best after my feet have been soaking, but it does leave my feet a little dry. I tend to follow up with a thick moisturiser, or the Scholl dry skin recovery cream. 

For a little extra foot-loving, pick up one of these footsie rollers - It's like a little foam roller for your feet! I got mine from the Body Shop, and love keeping it under my desk to roll away any tension and tiredness. Bonus tip - use this before stretching out the back of your legs to get a little deeper in your stretch! 

(Products marked with an * were sent to me for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own - check out my disclaimer for further details)
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