Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last year Costco opened its doors in Auburn, in Sydney's West, and in Canberra.
Since its opening, J and I have been itching to go visit but neither location is super convenient for us, and you need to be a member to both get in, and shop.

J's dad and sister in law both have a membership, so when we visited Canberra last weekend we were determined to visit! Each member can bring in 2 guests, so J's dad dropped us off, and his SIL (also a J!) and brother picked us up and took us through the checkouts.

So what did we buy on our first visit to the land of supersize and bulk buying?

As you can see, we didn't really buy that many things, but the stuff we did get is in pretty big quantities. We tried to pick up stuff we needed at home / stuff that is normally quite expensive. I was going to include how much we paid for everything, but I appear to have lost the receipt! Sorry! All up we spent just under $80.

J was determined to pick up some nuts - so we got a 1.3kg pack of pistachios.We were also out of barbeque sauce, so picked up a bulk 4L bottle of that to refill our smaller bottle at home. We grabbed a 3 pack of aioli, and a 4 pack of Waterthins wafer crackers (easily my favourite but so expensive at Woolies!)

I picked up a massive 1.2kg bag of Carman's gluten free muesli (so yum!), and almost a kg jar of sundried tomatoes. We picked up a box of Maltesers ($5 if you could say no?), and some Australian beef jerky.

We also picked up two pieces of smoked chicken breast, but I'm a doofus and forgot to include them in the photos!

Bargains aside, the best thing about Costco is the free samples. So many people set out with little tables happy to give you something to nom on while you shop. Incredible! We nommed on some of the smoked chicken (which is how it ended up coming home with us), apple juice, Korean beef and Korean chicken, jelly belly jelly beans (I may or may not have gone back for seconds thirds on that one), sliced up fruit rolls, chocolate croissant...
now I don't know if you remember that Simpsons episode "Lisa Gets an A" where they head to the grocery store after church and Homer just runs around eating everything he can stick a toothpick into? I felt like that. So much free food, I actually felt a little guilty taking it all and eating it.

What's the best free food sample you've ever had?
Ever been to the land of bulk buy and bargains?

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